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Annette moved into a two-bedroom bungalow on The Wintles in November 2005 - the last person to complete the circle in Phase 1 of the development.

‘I come from Shropshire originally and always wanted to move back here,’ she says.

Annette has family in Bishop’s Castle who are landscape architects. When she was visiting them, they decided to have a look at The Wintles.

‘I loved it,’ she says. ‘I couldn’t move immediately, but it was like a bug - I just had to get there, whatever. I love my house - for such a small house it’s very spacious. It’s a bit like the Tardis.’

‘All my visitors comment on how the windows are angled to bring more light into the room, little details like that. And there’s a lovely sun room. The loft conversion has made another massive room.’

She is delighted by the neighbourliness of other Wintles residents.

‘It’s been great since the very first day. After less than three months I feel as though I’ve always lived here. Everyone is so neighbourly - they all offer to help.’

‘There’s a nice mixed age group,’ Annette continues, ‘ranging from early thirties with young children to late sixties. It’s lovely to see the little ones playing out on the grass. It’s very quiet and safe here.’

The fact that the centre of Bishop’s Castle is just a few minutes’ walk away is an added bonus.

‘It’s nice being so close to town,’ she says. ‘You can go out for a meal and a drink. The lady next door to me has become a friend, so I go to dinner with her and she has couples round, too.’

Annette is never short of visitors. ‘It’s lovely when people come to stay because it’s got a real holiday atmosphere. Living here is like being on holiday all the time. At the weekend you can wander around looking at all the little shops - it’s like being in a seaside town.’