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David & Dawn
David is a freelance construction consultant who has worked on The Wintles development from the beginning, and now lives there with his family. His wife, Dawn, works in hospital management.

They used to live in the north Midlands, but wanted to live in a wilder, more beautiful and less populated area. Dawn has two teenage children, and they wanted a better quality of life for them. They decided to buy a house on The Wintles.

ĎIíve built four or five thousand houses in my time,í says David, Ďbut Iím not that keen on new houses and Iíve never wanted to live in one before, which says a lot. But these donít feel like new houses - with all the natural materials thereís a lovely soft feel to them. This is the most beautiful house Iíve ever lived in. You can sit up on the top floor and watch the play of the light as it comes in from all the way round; itís magic, truly beautiful.í

ĎThe kids love it here, too,í David continues. ĎItís much warmer and more comfortable throughout the house - there are no draughts like in old houses.í

David always used to have a big garden, and he dabbled in organic farming - but he has no regrets.

ĎNow Iím looking after the landscaping of the entire site, which is about eighteen acres of land. Nine or ten acres of woodland have been planted with mature planting, and it looks like itís been there for years. I get a lot of pleasure out of it.í