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The Living Village Trust Ltd was set up in 1993 with the aim of researching and building houses and neighbourhoods that are both eco-friendly and convivial to live in.

Now many years on, and having actually built such places, we can see in practice how important it is to design and build in a way that encourages people to interact and share resources in a real community spirit. By engaging in the community people are more likely to live in a way that benefits society both socially and environmentally, and we feel that this approach is key to reducing carbon emissions, one of our biggest challenges this century.

The Trust actively researches how to design inspiring places to live in, by looking at successful examples around the world, new and old, which have the qualities we believe matters. We work hand in hand with Living Villages Holdings Ltd who then put into practice the Trust’s research and designs to deliver new projects.

The Trust also participates in talks, seminars and workshops to share what we have learned with others and learn from people involved in similar fields as part of the general debate on how to improve our world.

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