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  In a time where soulless housing estates contribute to the breakdown of communities, Living Villages neighbourhoods are designed to promote conviviality, neighbourliness and a feeling of belonging.

‘We call it ‘a sense of place’,’ explains Bob Tomlinson, the director of Living Villages, ‘an identifiable neighbourhood that people enjoy and feel at home in. Unlike most developers, we design neighbourhoods for people, not cars. The Wintles (our Living Village in Shropshire) is a pedestrian priority zone, so the residents can enjoy a protected, shared space and children can play safely.’
  The village green
Living Villages are neighbourhoods of between thirty-five and eighty-five houses. We build them in clusters of twelve, so that the residents can easily get to know each other and meet around a kitchen table. The houses are centred around a village green, and car ports are positioned behind the houses.

It’s very safe for children – there is no danger from cars, and they are never out of sight when they’re playing on the green. Older neighbours are often happy to act as surrogate grandparents, while the community as a whole pools its resources to everyone’s benefit. Residents’ management companies can organise facilities like car clubs, which are great for the community and also reduce environmental pollution.
  Getting it right
We make sure we get it right from the very beginning. Our eco-houses start their life in the right place, facing south towards the sun, and safe from the cold north wind. Then we plant thousands of trees around the edges of the site to give them even more protection. On The Wintles, they are now growing into a beautiful forest and a labyrinth of fruit trees including cob nuts, apples and plums, which are much appreciated by the residents (and a few of the locals!). There are also allotments for people who enjoy gardening and growing their own produce.

Each neighbourhood has a rich mixture of houses in different architectural styles and sizes. They are very different from anything that you can buy from ordinary house-builders. We always use local materials where we can, and incorporate architectural features that reflect the unique character of the area. The result is that although the houses are built to the most modern and advanced of designs and specifications, they have a traditional feel that blends well with the local architecture and culture.

‘People want to live in Living Villages not just because the houses are beautiful and built to an exceptionally high standard,’ says Bob. ‘They also love the friendly atmosphere. I believe that we’ve succeeded in creating a unique combination of ultra-modern, energy-efficient building techniques with the feel of an established traditional village.’
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