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External tall window

  Ref: D076455.jpg
View of Tower house on square

  Ref: D076485
Bungalow on square

  Ref: D076487
Greeting neighbours from the garden

  Ref: D076655.jpg
Cat by door

  Ref: D076780
Gardening in front of pink house

  Ref: D076927
Children playing in front of house

  Ref: D077002
Children playing football on the green

  Ref: D077006
Child with spade on green in front of pink house

  Ref: D077008
Child walking towards house

  Ref: D077031
View from balcony

  Ref: DSC_0049
Sunny square A, 1

  Ref: DSC_0061.jpg
Sunny square A, 2

  Ref: DSC_0062
Sunny square A, from balcony

  Ref: DSC_0071
Sunny suare A, 3

  Ref: DSC_0072
Roof tops

  Ref: DSC_0075
Houses with path

  Ref: DSC_0076
Sunflower and car port

  Ref: DSC_0116
House and stone wall

  Ref: DSC_0118
Looking down on blue house

  Ref: DSC_0153
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