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David & Helen
Teacher David, his wife Helen and their two daughters aged nine and 13 moved to their three-storey house on The Wintles in June 2004. They had been living only ten miles away, but wanted to move nearer a secondary school. They also liked the idea of living in a town.

‘We were interested in being efficient with energy bills, organic gardening etc,’ says David. ‘We’re very much into it, but we’re not eco-warriors. We liked the idea of the allotments, being able to work with other people to produce food - that was one of the big attractions.’

‘We’re very pleased with the house,’ he continues. ‘There’s nothing on the market like it at all. We’ve been here two years so we’ve seen most of the people move in. Bob’s idea of the design of Phase 1 around the Green is good - there’s always an opportunity to stop and chat with the others and discuss things.

‘There are 14 houses here, and if they were all in a row you’d only get to know maybe the people next door, but you get to know everybody here. We’ve been in most people’s houses for a meal or a glass or wine.’

The family is enjoying Bishop’s Castle, too. ‘Bishops Castle is very friendly as well, very welcoming. We always feel included in what’s going on. Helen and I and the girls have more friends than we ever had before.’